Cut Noise

Useful links (incl.videos)


Cities Aren't Loud; Cars are Loud - by Notjustbikes

Urban noise is commonplace, and the vast majority of it is created by motor vehicles...... 

A very watchable and informative video.

How Noise Pollution is Ruining Your Life - by Niklas Christl

Highly recommended video  about how noise is all around us and silence is hard to find. Refreshing, fun, watchable

Residents impacted by wind turbines tell their story



UK Noise Association:

Campaigning to cut noise in the UK

Noise Abatement Society:

Lobbying to reduce noise in the UK; provides a noise helpline: 01273 823850 

Noise Direct: a well-regarded consultancy which advises on noise problems:

Anti-Social Behaviour organisation which provides help and information on neighbour and community noise

Noise Nuisance:

Assists people with neighbour and neighbourhood noise problems

Institute of Acoustics:


The campaign for freedom from piped music


Aviation Environment Federation:

representing community campaign groups at European airports

Sustainable Aviation:

an industry body


Transport for Quality of Life:

Campaign for Better Transport:

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England:

Cycling UK:

Storing Bicycles: 


Renewable Energy Foundation:

Think-tank opposed to the widespread introduction of wind farms

National Opposition to Wind Farms:

The European Wind Energy Association:

The World Nuclear Association: